• These doors are powder coated in the same colour as per the shelves and roll posts to make it uniform in appearance.
  • Lockable doors secure and protect the stored contents from dust, damage and theft.
  • Doors are modular in nature and can be added to the existing shelving systems.
  • Doors can be used with add on shelving units and can only be fitted on every alternate bay of shelving unit.
  • Doors can also be used on back to back add on shelving units.
  • Doors are pivoted on two lintels, top lintel is mounted in line with the top shelf, the bottom lintel is mounted on the base level of the shelving unit due to which the usable height in the shelving system gets reduced.
  • ASUD 1275 - Door set with lintel for 1275mm high PANDA SHELVING UNIT including 16 sets of Bolts & Nuts.


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