Creamy wax-based bars have a smooth consistency similar to an oil pastel. Triangular shape offers extra dimension to your marks. Rich, opaque colour is not permanent, so you can draw over previous marks. Art bar can be used wet and dry. A peel able silver wrapper protects each stick. Metal tin of 24 includes bright, earths, pales and darks: Process Yellow, Primary Red, Strawberry, Iris, Primary Blue, Kiwi, Honeycomb, Paprika, Pacific Blue, Green Earth, Prairie, Raw Umber, Wheat, Mango, Blush, Blue Lace, Spearmint, Beige, Burnt Umber, Alizarin, Dark Indigo, Dark Forest, Black and Opaque White.         

  • Set of 24 colours     
  • Contains assorted quality sketching media


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