This thickening agent inhibits transparency as it encapsulates pigments and creates a granular effect on paper.Set of twenty-four (24) colors inlcuding:W501 Chinese White, W521 Lemon Yellow, W523 Permanent Yellow Deep, W518 Yellow Orange, W151 Permanent Red, W512 Permanent Rose, W513 Rose Madder, W551 Opera, W553 Permanent Violet, W541 Cerulean Blue, W542 Cobalt Blue No.1, W543 Peacock Blue, W545 Ultramarine Deep, W546 Indigo, W536 Viridian, W535 Hookers Green, W534 Sap Green, W561 Yellow Ochre No.1 Transparent, W569 Raw Sienna, W564 Burnt Sienna, W570 Burnt Umber, W565 Red Brown, W566 Vandyke Brown, W502 Ivory Black.

  • Set of 24 water colours.
  • Mission Gold Watercolours are naturally viscous and unsurpassed for their clarity and luminosity.
  • Mission Gold are the first watercolours ever manufactured that are no silicone dioxide.                    


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